Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Politics (the founding fathers) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Politics (the founding fathers) - Essay ExampleThey attempted wakeless to erase the concept of elitism and worked hard to bring equality in the nation. America through the nirvana achieved large(p) homogeneity and unity. They committed the entire nation to a single language unlike the Europeans. This homogeneity that was generated come in of the enlightenment became the greatest strength of America and founded the base for what it is now. The powerful dreams of the Ameri puke Enlightenment paved the sort for Americas independence. This alone created the basic principles of the American Government. The enlightenment concepts made people understand that a territoryr or a government needs to strictly adhere to the higher laws of the republic. Political geniuses like doubting Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Alexander Hamilton, Samuel Adams, John Adams, and James Madison successfully built up a government that was back up by the people of the republic. These founding fathers were ab le to put the foundation of such an unconquerable kingdom that is shut up keen in protecting the natural rights of man. They made lasting impacts on the democracy of America. The encouraging ideas of the immaculate writings and the atmosphere that helped people develop a craze for wisdom and knowledge were the major stimulate of the enlightenment period. Developments started putting in the fields of science, religion, and politics and thinkers supported the entire process with their exploding thoughts. Thomas Paines reciprocal understanding and Thomas Jeffersons Declaration of independence were some of the outcomes of the radical Enlightenment assumptions. Thomas Paines Common Sense was one of the results of the enlightenment period. The pamphlet that was published during the American Revolution stimulated the revolution and criticized the British rule harshly. The thoughts of the pamphlet became extremely popular and echoed in the minds of the American citizens. Paine gave th e copyright for Common Sense to the states, thereby decent the greatest volunteer of the enlightenment movement. Thomas Jeffersons Declaration of Independence is another written proof of the informative thoughts of the period. Declaration of Independence which is the most important reform of American history said that the Thirteen Colonies were mugwump of Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson, the author of the declaration has clearly stated the reasons for the separation from the British power. This Declaration of Independence is the ultimate reaction of the enlightenment period that earnestly sought freedom from the powerful hands of the British Empire. It is the written form of the desire of the early Americans. The thirst for independence that developed through the ideas of the enlightenment thinkers culminated into the unify States Declaration of Independence. The philosophical background of the Declaration of Independence is nothing but the spirit of republicanism that was born du ring the enlightenment period. Republicanism or the basic framework of liberty is the core of the enlightenment philosophy. George Washingtons name can never be omitted if we speak about the history of democracy in the United States. George Washington had in his hand the choice to make America a democracy, dictatorship or kingdom. More than thrice he had the

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